10-pound container attractive for placing dog food galvanized steel

March 23, 2023
Dog Food Container
10-pound container attractive for placing dog food galvanized steel

What garbage in which container is thrown in?

Different containers are provided for separate collecting solid household waste (solid waste). They are installed on specially equipped sites, regularly exported by the regional MSW operator. So that users know where and what waste is thrown out, special colors of containers for separate garbage collection are indicated: blue, yellow, green, brown, gray and black.

But even such a division causes confusion among citizens. It is even more difficult if you have to solve the question of what to do with furniture and other bulky equipment, as well as mercury and fluorescent lamps, as well as household electronics and equipment.

Containers for separate garbage collection

New waste sorting rules apply throughout the country. Thus, the disorder related to individual rules at the level of local self-government will disappear. In accordance with the order of the Minister of Environment, the following colors of garbage tanks by type of waste are used:

  1. Blue, the inscription "paper" – for collecting paper;
  2. Yellow, the inscription "metals and plastic" – for collecting metal, plastic and multicomponent packaging (including milk boxes);
  3. Green, the inscription "Glass" – for glass packaging;
  4. Brown, the inscription "BIO" – for biodegradable household waste;
  5. Gray, the inscription "Green waste" – for green waste;
  6. Black, inscription "Mixed waste" – for mixed waste (does not apply to any of the above fractions).

At the same time, in public places (on the market or in the trading floor, as well as in points for the collection and export of municipal waste), garbage containers are placed:

  1. For bio-waste from gastronomy and from trading platforms-brown color, the inscription "Bio-gastronomy / trading platform";
  2. To collect large-sized waste (KGO) – any color, except for the colors indicated above, the inscription is “bulky waste”.

What garbage to throw into a blue container (paper)?

Dry and clean paper, cardboard are placed in the blue garbage bucket, including:

  1. Paper dog food storage containers and dog food storage containers, boxes and other paper or cardboard packaging;
  2. Newspapers, books, avenues;
  3. Office paper, notebooks;
  4. Watercolors, colored drawings.

Do not put in a blue garbage container:

  1. Saved checks. They should go to mixed garbage;
  2. Oily, wet or dirty paper;
  3. Foil-covered paper;
  4. Scotch;
  5. Paper packaging with contents;
  6. Boxes (tetrapaki) after drinks and milk;
  7. Napkins and paper towels.

Yellow waste container (plastic and metal)

Plastic, metals and multilayer packaging (for example, carpet or milk boxes, the so-called tetrapax) should get into the yellow basket. Also, they are thrown here:

  1. Boxes and cardboard, covered with aluminum foil – packaging for milk and drinks (multi-layer, so-called tetrapards);
  2. Plastic – empty and crushed plastic bottles for drinks;
  3. Empty plastic packaging after cosmetics and cleaning agents;
  4. Plastic food packaging, plastic film and plastic dog food storage containers;
  5. Canned banks;
  6. Small iron scrap and small scrap of non-ferrous metals – toys, scissors, caps, caps, pots, aluminum foil;
  7. Pens (preferably neatly divided into parts).

It is forbidden to put in a yellow garbage tank:

  1. Dirty or wet plastic dog food storage containers;
  2. Packaging of drugs;
  3. Packaging of technical oils, lubricants, cooling liquids, fertilizers, plant protection best storage containers;
  4. Varnish banks and containers;
  5. Foam and polystyrene foam;
  6. Household appliances;
  7. Compact (so-called energy-saving), fluorescent, LED fluorescent lamps;
  8. Packaging with contents, for example, with food, lime, cement;
  9. Aerosol packaging;
  10. Disposable diapers, personal hygiene best storage containers.

Green waste container (glass)

Packing glass, that is, glass bottles and jars, but without metal lids or covers, for example: are placed in a green garbage container.

  • Bottles and glass jars for drinks and food;
  • Bottles of alcoholic beverages;
  • Glass bottles of juice;
  • Glass packaging after cosmetics.

It is forbidden to put in a green garbage tank:

  • Heat-resistant dishes, plates, glasses, porcelain, faience, ceramics;
  • Incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps;
  • Window glasses, car glass, mirrors;
  • Medical and chemical glass containers;
  • Mercury thermometers.

Brown waste container (biofidding)

In the brown container for garbage, kitchen waste is placed, excluding animal waste (meat, dairy best storage containers) and fats:

  • Peel of fruits and vegetables;
  • Spoiled fruits and vegetables;
  • Eggshell;
  • Coffee and tea waste;
  • Wilted flowers and indoor plants;
  • Remains of food and dishes (without meat, Bones and fats).

It is forbidden to put in a brown garbage tank:

10-pound container attractive for placing dog food galvanized steel separate garbage

10-pound container attractive for placing dog food galvanized steel

  • Meat and its best storage containers (sausages, pies, etc.);
  • Cheese, yogurt, kefir, milk;
  • Bones;
  • Stale oil;
  • Fat that is removed from the dishes.

Gray Waste Tank (Green Waste)

Garden waste is thrown into gray waste containers:

  • After cutting the grass;
  • Fallen leaves collected from the territory;
  • Chopped twigs, sawdust.

For reference! Green waste should be collected 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up, so that fermentation processes do not occur in the container.

Black waste container (mixed waste)

So-called mixed waste is collected in black containers, that is, unsorted municipal waste, which includes:

  • Dirty plastic packaging;
  • Dirty paper;
  • Porcelain, plates, broken windows, mirrors;
  • Toys;
  • Deodorizing packaging;
  • Polystyrene packaging;
  • Rubber best storage containers
  • Coal, wood ash (cold!);
  • Hygiene items – diapers, cotton swabs, cotton wool;
  • Street trash.

What about furniture, sizes, electronics, drugs?

The rest of the garbage, i. E. Bulky waste, such as furniture, also upholstered in soft fabrics, as well as mattresses and other large items, are thrown into local municipal waste collection points. An alternative is to conclude a separate agreement with a regional operator that organizes the removal of CGS.

For reference! Non-recyclable waste, if any, is thrown into red waste containers. They are not provided everywhere, but sometimes they are found.

Similarly, with the removal of CGS, it is necessary to proceed with the release of construction waste, which remains after the repair of an apartment or house. Electrical waste (including compact fluorescent lamps, the so-called energy-saving lamps) can be returned to many electronics and household appliances stores, and containers after used medicines, leftover medicines are handed over to the pharmacy.


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