1 5-pound package for dog food is the size of a plastic container for liters

March 7, 2023
Dog Food Container
1 5-pound package for dog food is the size of a plastic container for liters

Tips for choosing safe plastic containers for food

Usually, plastic is used as a container for food and drinks. However, you should not just choose plastic as a container for food. If you do not be careful, the material from which the plastic is made is harmful to health.

Plastics consist of various chemicals. Under certain conditions, the contact between plastic and food can cause migration (transfer) of chemicals from the container to food.

Migration is due to exposure to the heat of food, storage or processing. The higher the temperature, the higher the probability of migration. The duration of food storage also affects the transfer of this chemical material. The longer the contact between food and plastic packaging occurs, the more chemicals falls into food. If this happens constantly, it will damage health and can increase the risk of cancer.

plastic best storage containers

Do not succumb to the temptation of cheap containers, which represents a serious health risk. It is better to choose a brand that is already patented. Criteria for plastic containers for food best storage containers: – there is a quality mark of food best storage containers, namely the logo of the glass and fork, which means that plastic is suitable for the manufacture of cutlery. – There is a safety mark of food best storage containers, which is a box in the form of a checkmark, which means that food or drinks are safe from pollution with chemicals. – There are patented trademarks, namely the TM logo (trademark) or R (registered). This means that the goods are registered and its authenticity is guaranteed.

We often see the “Triangle” sign on the packaging of food or drinks. Inside the triangle, numbers from 1 to 7 are listed. Each number has a value, namely:

1. Pete/Pet (Polyethylene TerePhthalate)

Pete or Pet (polyethyleneterftalat). This bottle of type/Pet type is recommended only for one-time use. If it is used too often and is used to store warm water, especially hot, this will lead to melting the polymer layer in the bottle. And the release of carcinogenic substances, which in the long run can cause cancer.

This material from PET is dangerous for workers related to the processing and processing of bottles. Pete is produced using tiroxides of antimony. These compounds can enter the body through the respiratory system when air inhaling. Frequent inhalation of these compounds can cause irritation of the skin and respiratory tract. In women, these compounds enhance problems with the menstrual cycle and miscarriages. During childbirth, the child will probably slowly grow up to 12 months of age.

2. Hdpe (High Density Polyethylene)

Hdpe (high-density polyethylene). Hdpe plastic bottles have more durable, solid, opaque materials and are more resistant to high temperatures. This is a plastic material that is safe to use due to its ability to prevent chemical reactions between HDPE plastic packaging and food and drinks that it dog food storage containers. Like PETE, HDPE is also recommended for one-time use, because the release of its compound of the trioxide of antimony increases over time.

3. Pvc (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Code V, or better known as PVC (PVC – polyvinyl chloride), is a type of plastic, which is most difficult to process. This material is found in food dog food storage containers and bottles.

The reaction occurring between PVC and food best storage containers containing this plastic is harmful to the kidneys, liver and body weight. Pvc contains Deha (dietilhydroxylamine), which is harmful to the body. Usually this material reacts with food best storage containers packed from this plastic made of PVC. Deha can melt at a temperature above 15 ° C.

4. Ldpe (Low Density Polyethylene)

Ldpe (low density polyethylene) is a type of brown plastic (thermoplast made of oil). Usually used for food containers, plastic packaging and soft bottles.

The mechanical properties of this type of LDPE material are strong, translucent, flexible and slightly oily surface. Up to 60 ° C, it is very resistant to chemical reactions, the protection against water vapor is not bad, it can be processed and good for objects that require flexibility and strength.

This material is difficult to destroy, but it is good for food containers, since it is difficult to enter into a chemical reaction with food best storage containers.

5. Pp (Polypropylene)

This material type PP (polypropylene) is the best choice of plastic. Especially for containers for best storage containers and drinksch as storage facilities, bottles for drinking and, most importantly, children’s bottles.

Look for a PP number code when buying plastic items for storing various food and drinks. Polypropylene is stronger and easier, with low vapor permeability, good resistance to fats, resistant to high temperatures.

6. Ps (Polystyrene)

Polystyrol is a synthetic polymer that can emit styrene in contact with food. In addition to food containers, Styrol can also be obtained from cigarette smoke, exhaust gases of cars and building materials.

1 5-pound package for dog food is the size of a plastic container for liters food and drinks that

1 5-pound package for dog food is the size of a plastic container for liters

This material should be avoided, because it is not only harmful to the health of the brain, but also interferes with the production of the female hormone estrogen. Which leads to problems with the rebest storage containerive system, growth of the nervous system. And also because this material is difficult to process.


7. Other

There are 4 types of materials with the type of plastic OTER, namely: 1. San (STYRENE ACRYLONITRILE), styrecrylonitril. 2. Abs (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), acrylonitrilbutadianstyrole. 3. Pc (Polycarbonate), polycarbonate. 4. Nylon, nylon.

It can be found in containers for food and drinks, such as sports bottles for drinking, auto parts, household appliances, computers, electronic devices and plastic packaging.

San and ABS are highly resistant to chemical reactions and temperature, strength, rigidity and increased hardness. It is usually found in bowls of mixers, external surfaces of thermos, plates, cutlery, coffee filters and dentitions. While ABS is usually used as a material for toys Lego and T toys

Pc (polycarbonate) can be found in bottles for baby milk, cups, bottles for drinking polycarbonate and cans for packaging food and drinks, including banks for dairy mixtures.

San and ABS can be used for food containers. Pc can allocate the main ingredient, namely bisphenol-a, in food and drinks. It is not recommended to use it for containers with food and drinks.

Other signs that are sometimes printed on the packaging

The first image is a spoon and fork, which means that the container is safe for food.

The second image shows the emission of waves, which means that the container can be used in a microwave oven.

The third image, which looks like a snowflake, means that the container can be placed in the freezer.

The plates and lines that look like rain mean the container is dishwasher safe.

Knowing these symbols, it is useful for us to start paying more attention to the containers we have so that we do not misuse them. Because improper use not only harms the environment, but can also harm our health.

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